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Chicago Dizziness and Hearing (CDH) opens at 8 AM in the morning, monday-friday. The last patient visit is generally scheduled at 4pm. The office closes at 6:30pm.

New patients have a thorough initial evaluation, followed by return visits as needed to assess the effects of treatment until the patient is well or we have exhausted all reasonable treatments. Most new patient visits will include some testing related to dizziness. Most return visits will not involve testing unless there have been changes in patient status (such as fluctuations in hearing).

Appointment timing
The availability of new appointments depends on the provider. Dr. Hain (who has been practicing the longest) takes the longest -- sometimes as long as 3 months. New appointments with Dr. Cherchi are generally available within a month. Dr. Sorenson (for visual vertigo) usually within 1-2 weeks. Our PT providers can generally be seen within a day.

For urgent return appointments we will generally offer within 24 hours -- although it may not necessarily be the patients main provider.

If you have a diagnosis of BPPV, we encourage you to schedule with one of our PT's for speed, although of course a physician will also see you briefly. There are nearly always PT openings every day, with the most availability on wednesday (when we have two PT's in the clinic). For BPPV, the typical number of appointments is 2 (initial, a follow up). Complicated situations may take more appointments.

Regarding scheduling, we can be reached most easily by email at reception@dizzy-doc.com, or at the main office #, 312-274-0197. This is just to get the ball rolling - -we will need to speak to you too. At the time that the appointment is made, we will ask for contact information and billing information. Although we are affiliated with Northwestern Memorial Hospital, we do not schedule through the Northwestern medicine call center. If we do not answer your call right away, there is an answering service option. Almost all calls made during regular business hours are answered or returned within 24 hours.

Dr. Cherchi can also be scheduled online. If you request an appointment online, our staff will contact you.

Our scheduler will coordinate testing, labs and treatment visits. Less trips downtown can often be accomplished by scheduling tests and appointments on the same day. For patients from out-of-town, it is often helpful to coordinate your appointment and pre-schedule testing, as well as appointments with other specialty physicians that might be helpful in evaluation of the situation.
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Special needs of deaf patients

CDH accommodates the lack of hearing of deaf patients by using video projection systems. The physician types notes on a large screen that the patient can view, and also transcribes the patient's questions and commentary.

CDH is open on most secular (non-religious) holidays.
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How much time to plan?
New patient visits typically take two to four hours. For return patients, typical visits take about an hour -- including about 20 minutes face-face with the provider, as well as time for triage, and medication refills. Things tend to be more predictable at the beginning of the morning or afternoon.
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What to bring to the appointment?
Please bring with you all available relevant medical records, especially CDs of MRI scans of the head or neck, and results of ear testing (hearing and ENG), blood test results when available. If you do not bring CD's of your scans, we will request them, review them ourselves, and send you the CD once we have it loaded. This is a service of CDH that takes considerable time, but it is often very helpful.

We will scan the records you bring and return them to you at the end of your visit.

If you bring significant other or your kids, please remember that new appointments typically take 2 to 4 hours. They may want to visit the local sights such as Navy Pier, go shopping on the magnificent mile, or just get a cup of coffee. There is a lot of stuff to do in our area. We provide wireless internet in the office, so feel free to bring your laptop/tablet.
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Communication with patients
Most phone-calls are answered by a staff member within 24 hours. After hours, the telephones are transferred to a paging service. Physicians are not able to always return calls within 24 hours. Depending on the urgency of the situation, and the complexity of the situation, it may take a few days or longer.

Email and fax are usually more efficient than telephone. Our main fax # is 312-376-8707 (also 312-274-0198 for backup and rapid responses). Our email address is ca2@dizzy-doc.com. We use secure computer systems, but please remember that the internet in general is not a secure environment. We advise against using email to transmit information that you would not want to be public. We sometimes use email to facilitate appointments, prescription refills, and when necessary, to obtain follow-up information. When emailing us, please take into account that we receive many emails every day and are sometimes just not able to answer daily emails.

We will routinely send copies of our new patient notes to the physicians that our patients designate. We send all lab reports, generated by us or others, to our patients. We respect your privacy and will not give data about you to others without your permission, other than the specific cases outlined in our privacy policy (pdf format).

For more detail about how to contact us, see the Contact page.
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Prescription refills
Most prescription refills are accomplished by emailing, calling or faxing our clinic, indicating what needs to be refilled, and leaving your full name, birth date, a contact number, and a pharmacy number. Our paper fax # (best for rx) is 312-274-0198. Most prescriptions are written with 3 to 6 months of refills. We use electronic refills whenever possible.
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Parking and transportation
See this page for maps and directions to CDH as well as hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions near the clinic.

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