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Audiology Services

Our audiologists and supporting staff perform hearing and vestibular testing

Our current audiologist is Whitney Sommerville, Au.D.

CDH audiology's email is audiology@dizzy-doc.com.

Alumni: Our practice has a large exposure to complex and unusual patients with serious inner ear and brain conditions. Between 2000-2018 we have had other audiologists work for us. We are proud to recommend them as they are well trained and good clinicians. These individuals include Renee Banakis, Au.D, Maria Busso, MA, Darcia Dierking, Au.D., Heather Gradisek, Au.D, Kathleen Highhouse, Au.D., Mike Hojnacki, AuD., Bridget Kane, M.A, Ploy Maroongroge, Au.D., Lowery Mayo, Au.D., Jeanne Perkins MA, Heather Rudisill, AuD, Audrey Tanaka-Cameron, Au.D., and Ying Sun, M.A.,