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Dr. Bulent Mamikoglu

Dr. Mamikoglu is an otolaryngologist (ENT) physician who specializes in outpatient procedures to treat hearing and vestibular disorders. He administers treatments requiring injections of steroids or gentamicin through the ear drum, he cleans out mastoid cavities, removes ear wax impactions, inserts tubes in the ear drum, performs endoscopy and surgery of the sinuses and endoscopy of the eustachian tube.

Dr. Mamikoglu's academic affiliation is with the University of Illinois, Peoria.

A presentation on Meniere's by Dr. Mamikoglu can be found here

Office Phone: 312-274-0197
Fax #: 312-376-8707
Web site for downstate office location:   www.illinoisears.com
Email: clinical-assistant@dizzy-doc.com (our staff will forward email)
Appointments: email reception@dizzy-doc.com

Clinical locations:


  • Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), Ankara Turkey
  • Resident at University of Marmara Hospital, Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery, Istanbul, Turkey
  • University of Chicago (Rhinology and Otolaryngic Allergy Fellowship)
  • Northwestern University (Otology/Neurotology and Skull Base Surgery Fellowship)

Patient care

Journal articles

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