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IME (Independent medical examination)

Workmans Compensation Evaluations

Dr. Timothy Hain and Dr. Marcello Cherchi at Chicago Dizziness and Hearing clinic will provide one-time evaluations for IME or Workers compensation when time permits and expertise is present.

INDEPENDENT MEDICAL EXAMINATIONS include comprehensive, objective otoneurological evaluations to help define case issues and assist in conflict resolution regarding dizziness and hearing.

IME and Workman's comp evaluations are billed at a rate of $2580 (but check to be sure) and include a review of records provided at the time of the IME, clinical patient evaluation, audiological and vestibular testing if indicated, the IMPACT test in situations where there was head injury and possible concussion, and a comprehensive report. Prepayment is required to schedule patients for IMEs. CDH does not accept or bill health insurance for IMEs or Workman's comp evaluations.

Both IME and Workmans compensation evaluations are "one time" evaluations. Having an IME or Workman's compensation evaluation at our clinic does not establish a patient-doctor relationship. We are sorry that we will not accommodate followup for IME or Workman's compensation evaluations.

All IME and Workman's compensation visits use the paper questionnaire in our intake process.