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Legal/Expert Witness Services

Legal and Expert witness services (including depositions) are managed through Dizziness-solutions, LLC. Their website can be found here, or you can email Jane@DizzinessSolutions.com.   

Dr. Timothy Hain, Dr. Cherchi, and other medical professionals at Chicago Dizziness and Hearing clinic provide expert opinions when time permits and expertise is present.

Dr. Hain, a board certified Neurologist, is an emeritus Professor at Northwestern University, in Chicago Illinois, USA. He has published more than 100 papers and chapters on dizziness and hearing disorders. He has testified as an expert witness more than 80 times in his professional career. He is the principal physician at the clinic. More information about Dr. Hain, including his research and publications, can be found at this page. Click here to see a short video of Dr. Hain.