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Physician Services

Our nationally and internationally recognized researchers and physicians provide the highest quality of patient care. We have most diagnostic and treatment procedures for dizziness and hearing in-house. Thus generally there is no need for additional referrals outside. We do not sell hearing aids, but we can help optimize this process should you need one. In addition to diagnosis and treatment, our physicians supervise all services performed by audiologists and physical therapists at the clinic. They also provide legal and expert witness services.

A board-certified Neurologist and the lead physician at Chicago Dizziness and Hearing, Dr. Timothy Hain is a widely recognized leader in the field of otoneurology. He is a Professor, emeritus at Northwestern University. Click on his name to find out more about his background.
Email: thain@dizzy-doc.com
Dr. Marcello Cherchi, also a neurologist, has an extensive clinical experience in evaluating and treating hearing and balance disorder. He also has a unique expertise related to central disorders of speech, combining a Ph.D in linguistics with clinical neurological training and Neurology board certification. He is an Assistant Professor of Neurology at Northwestern University. Click on his name to find out more about his background.
Email: mcherchi@dizzy-doc.com

Dr. Bulent Mamikoglu is an otolaryngologist (ENT) physician who performs outpatient procedures to treat hearing and vestibular disorders. He administers treatments requiring injections of steroids or gentamicin through the ear drum, he cleans out mastoid cavities, remove ear wax impactions, and he perform endoscopy of the sinuses and of the eustachian tube. Dr.Mamikoglu also practices allergy and sinus medicine, and can test for allergy and sinus disorders as well as manage treatment. Some patients with a mixture of allergy, sinus and migraine benefit from integrated management.
Email: clinical-assistant@dizzy-doc.com