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The two principal physicians at Chicago Dizziness and Hearing are both faculty at Northwestern University, and both regularly publish papers as well as are involved in a number of research projects related to dizziness and imbalance. In fact, we have a bulletin board in the clinic with about 100 publications that we have written.

We have ongoing research projects in the following areas.

      • BPPV
        • We are attempting to obtain and do research with a new device to treat refractory BPPV.
      • Cervical vertigo
        • A test using a rotatory chair and posturography for cervical vertigo
        • Use of triceps VEMP testing in individuals with known spinal cord disorders.
        • We are looking at the effects of neck stimuli on the Fukuda test.

Some of our papers are based on noticing patterns in our routine clinical data, which are tracked in our clinic database. To make this easier to report, we have a general consent form which we ask all patients to sign (or indicate their refusal), regarding using their clinical test data for research papers. We would be very happy if you read it online, and tell us if you would allow us to use your data in future papers.

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