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The two principal physicians at Chicago Dizziness and Hearing are both faculty at Northwestern University, and both regularly publish papers as well as are involved in a number of research projects related to dizziness and imbalance. We have ongoing projects or collaborations in the following areas.

          • Bilateral vestibular loss
            • We are starting a collaboration to test a device for total loss
            • We are recruiting patients for Dr. Staecker's current study of hair cell regeneration.
        • BPPV
          • Collaborate with Dr. Yacovino in Argentina regarding treatment of anterior canal BPPV
        • Cervical vertigo
          • A questionnaire based study to identify symptoms endorsed by cervical vertigo patients
          • A test using a rotatory chair and posturography for cervical vertigo
          • Use of triceps VEMP testing in individuals with known spinal cord disorders.

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