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Telemedicine (Telehealth)

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, CDH is offering telehealth options. Insurance coverage for telehealth for in-network is required by Illinois law, and for the most part, the co-pays are no longer required. If you have a high deductable, your costs will likely be less than an in-person visit, because of the difference in co-pays. This is Illinois law and might not apply to other states.

Audio/visual visits -- For those with a computer having audiovisual capabilities (most laptops), you can schedule a visit with Dr. Hain, at "doxy.me". The scheduling will be arranged through our staff, and once you have a tele-appointment, you can access Dr. Hain's "virtual waiting room" here: https://doxy.me/drtimothyhain

Telephone visits. If this is not a good solution for you, we also offer telephone visits with either Dr. Hain or Dr. Cherchi. Again, this can be arranged through our staff (312-274-0197, or reception@dizzydoc.com).

We prefer to see our patients in person and we can also do a better job with a full examination. However, these are not normal times.

TCH, 3/26/2020