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Most patients with dizziness that we see have an audiogram and OAE (hearing tests) and a rotatory chair test. We may also reccomend additional procedures. We offer most dizziness testing in the clinic.

Testing at Chicago Dizziness and Hearing

Tests for dizziness offered in the clinic

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Neuroradiology tests (see also specific suggestions here)

  • MRI/MRA of the head or neck (for a large number of structural disorders of the brain or it's blood supply). Most MRI scans are done at the local hospital (NMH, Northwestern Memorial Hospital).
  • 3T MRI (higher field) - These are very high resolution MRI scans, mainly suitable for cases where regular MRI imaging has been insufficient. 3T MRI's are available at several hospitals in Chicago, including the hospital accross the street from us, Northwestern Memorial Hospital.
  • CT scan of the temporal bone (for SCD or congenital deafness). Done at NMH or 3T MRI of Morton Grove. We strongly urge against having temporal-bone CT scans done at local hospitals. Even academic hospitals often do a poor job with temporal bone CT scans.

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Neuropsychological tests

We occasionally suggest or arrange for neuropsychological testing (questionnaires), for several patient groups:

  • Workman's compensation cases
  • Independent medical examinations - these are done at the request of the attorney who arranged for the IME
  • Persons with trouble thinking associated with dizziness
  • Head trauma with cognitive complaints (we offer the IMPACT) test.

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Other tests are obtained in Northwestern Memorial Hospital, which is across the street from our practice. In most instances, these tests need to be arranged for several weeks in advance. Generally these tests are not routinely scheduled prior to the first visit but may be recommended after the evaluation.

Diagnosis, treatment and procedures
CDH is a "full service" integrated dizziness clinic, and we have three types of expert providers - physicians, audiologists, and physical therapists. For information about diagnosis, treatment and procedures, please go to this page.

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